IXP400 (up to 3000 Doors)

Impro IXP 400

Jarrison Systems offer a variety of Multiple Door Access Solutions depending on your needs.
Please select the desired system based of the number of doors you wish to secure:

Hardware Features:
  • 160 000 tag holders
  • Up to 3000 Doors
  • Multiple sites
  • Computerized control of all users and access levels
  • Weather proof scanners
  • Biometric Integration
  • Door controlling relays situated in terminal (inside the building)
  • Full control of access times
  • Up to 1 000 000 buffered transactions
  • Strict AntiPassBack
  • Zone Routing
  • AntiTimeBack
  • Optional Pin Code (For extra security)
  • Output Triggers (Alarm)
  • Input Triggers (Door Open)
ixp100keypad scannerconduit Scanner Micro
Scanner Keypad Scanner KMA
Available Tags:
Tag Credit Card Tag Lotted Tag ABS
Tag Keyring Tag Keyring