JT Lite Software to Control and Manage Access

Control and manage access to your premises with our user-friendly JT-Lite software!

Easy to use

JT Lite is also easy to implement, user training is quick and the helpful user guide is readily available.


Secure SQL database allow for speedy and confident day-to-day operations, with tried and tested implementations with many happy customers.


Easily tailored report fields and formats with many selectable user defined fields allows the software to suit your particular requirements.


Create and select any report to be e-mailed, at any time of day, for specific employees, to the e-mail address(es) of your choice.

JT Lite Software Features

JT Lite Software Features


  • No limit to the number of employees
  • Custom defined fields
  • Quick search using name, surname, employee number and/or id number
  • Bulk import (including Sagem fingerprints, excellent for new installations)
  • Bulk export (to remote sites, including Sagem fingerprints)
  • Bulk change of access groups , employee details and access revoking
  • Advanced grouping according to personal details (Including custom fields)
  • Photo’s are captured per employee or loaded from existing file

Access Control

  • Multiple access groups, each assigning any group of entry locations to any employee during specific times
  • Option of 4 concurrent employee access groups (Scheduled access to specific areas)
  • Access to site can be automatically denied after certain inactivity periods
  • Option to activate siren from devices according to lunch & tea times
  • Automatic e-mail notifications sent for any devices which go on/offline


  • Multiple Individual reminders (Medical certificates, fork lift licenses etc)
  • Acknowledgment of all reminders window
  • Ability to remove employees access if reminder is not acknowledged


  • Unlimited users all working concurrently
  • Limit users to WHO they can view
  • Limit users to WHO they can edit
  • Limit users to WHAT functions they can perform in the software
  • Limit users to set REPORTS they can view
  • Enforce the expiry of the login password after a certain time period
  • Enforce varying password complexity (Case, Digits, Special Characters, Length)


  • Report creator (create your own reports)
  • E-mail any report at any time to any recipients
  • Export to excel
  • Print to PDF format


  • Developed in South Africa
  • Free updates available at www.jarrison.net/downloads
  • Daily database backup to a safe location (e.g. another PC on the network)
  • Full audit trail
  • Up-to-date on screen ‘In or Out’ register